25th March, Wednesday nPV Program of the R&D Day                                          27th March


26th March, Thursday nPV Program of the Industry Day

8:30-8:45 Welcome and opening of industry day of nPV 
Radovan Kopecek, ISC Konstanz, Summary of Wednesday, preview of Thursday program and outlook to HERCULES WS 
8.45-9:20 Motivation and overview presentation 
Vardaan Chawla, Sun Edison, Change of Wp-thinking to kWh-mentality
9:20-10:30 Material and Wafers Chair: Jan Schmidt, Dan Chawla
9:20-9:50  Yu Hu, Norsun, High quality cost effective n-type ingots  
9:50-10:10  Paula Bronsveld, ECN,  Dark rings in n-type Cz wafers after processing
10:10-10:30 Benoit Martel, INES, Solar cell performance along the ingot
10:30-10:50 Giuseppe Galbiati, ISC Konstanz, Material quality for low cost IBC solar cells
11:00-12:45 Industrial solar cells in R&D Chair: Joachim John, Stefan Glunz
11:00-11:15 Filip Duerinckx, IMEC, Ni/Cu plated n-type Si rear junction cells with efficiencies up to 22%
11:15-11:30  Bernd Steinhauser, ISE, NiCu plating for n-type solar cells – avoiding Voc losses due to Screen-Printing
11:30-11:45  Yevgeniya Larinova, ISFH, Industrial ion implanted, co-annealed and fully screen-printed bifacial n-PERT solar cells with low-doped back-surface fields
12:00-12:15  Ingrid Romijn, ECN, From n-Pasha to n-MTW: challenges and achievements at ECN
11:45-12:00 Valentin Mihailetchi, ISC Konstanz, Status of ZEBRA solar cell and module technology
12:15-12:30  Pierre-Jean Ribeyron, INES, Key optimization routes for silicon heterojunction (HJ) technology at the pilot line level
12:30-12:45  Matthieu Despeisse, EPFL/CSEM, Silicon heterojunction solar cells and modules: status on technology developments in Neuchâtel
14:00-15:30 Solar cells in production Chair: Delfina Munoz, Arthur Weeber
14:00-14:15  Franco Traverso, MegaCell,  BiSoN in production
14:15-14:30  Zih-Wei Peng, Motech, Progress of nPERT Cells/Modules in Production
14:30-14:45 Ajeet Rohatgi, Suniva, Ion implanted high efficiency front junction N-type silicon solar cells with tunnel oxide passivated back contact
14:45-15:00 Ben Heng, Silevo, >23.3% high efficiency tunel oxide junction bifacial solar cell with electroplated Cu gridlines                 
15:00-15:15  Ronald Naber, Tempress, Doping techniques and process integration solutions for n-type solar cells
15:15-15:30  Wolfgang Jooss, centrotherm, Process solutions for passivated boron emitter
15:50-16:20 Discussion and closing of nPV Chair: Radovan Kopecek et al.