Wednesday Program: with Silicon PV

                                                                                                                   Thursday program / more details on Silicon PV here:

08:30 am

Opening Session nPV
08:30 am  
08:45 am Session 9: IBC Cells
08:45 am  
Progress Towards A Low-Cost, Ion Implanted, Interdigitated Back Passivated Contact (IBPC) Solar Cell
D. Young, NREL
09:00 am  
Design and Application of Ion-implanted PolySi Passivating Contacts for IBC C-Si Solar Cells
G. Yang, Delft University of Technology
09:15 am  
Recombination Behavior of Photolithography-free Back Junction Back Contact Solar Cells with Carrier-selective Polysilicon Junctions for Both Polarities
M. Rienäcker, Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH)
09:30 am  
Litho-Free Large Area Interdigitated Back Contact Silicon Solar Cells With Laser Doped Selective BSF
B. Zielinski, KU Leuven, ESAT; imec;
09:45 am  
Optimized Laser Doped Back Surface Field for IBC Solar Cells
M. Dahlinger, University of Stuttgart, Institute for photovoltaics
10:00 am  
Corona Field Effect Surface Passivation of n-type IBC Cells
R.S. Bonilla, Univeristy of Oxford
10:15 am Coffee Break
10:45 am Session 10: Heterojunction Cells
10:45 am  
High-Efficiency Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells with Molybdenum Oxide Hole Collector
J. Geissbühler, EPFL PVLab
11:00 am  
ITO/SiOx:H Stacks for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
S. Herasimenka, Arizona State University
11:15 am  
Oxygen Vacancies in Tungsten Oxide and Their Influence on Tungsten Oxide/Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
M. Mews, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
11:30 am  
Atomic Layer Deposition of Highly Transparent In2O3:H Window Electrodes for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
R. Schropp, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
11:45 am  
Low T Paste for Preparation of High Efficiency HJT Solar Cells
S. Körner, Fraunhofer IKTS
12:00 pm Lunch Break
01:00 pm Poster Session 3
02:30 pm Short Coffee Break
02:45 pm Session 11: PERT-1
02:45 pm  
Titanium Oxide: a Re-emerging Optical and Passivating Material for Silicon Solar Cells
J. Cui, Australian National University
03:00 pm  
Multifunctional Dielectric Layers for the Fabrication of Ultra-Simplified n-PERT c-Si Solar Cells
03:15 pm  
Simplified Cleaning for 22.5% n-PERT Solar Cells with Rear Epitaxial Emitters
I. Kuzma-Filipek, Imec
03:30 pm  
n-Type Polysilicon Passivating Contacts for Industrial Bifacial n-PERT Cells
M. Stodolny, ECN Solar Energy
03:45 pm Coffee Break
04:15 pm Session 12: PERT-2
04:15 pm  
CVD Boron Containing Glasses - an Attractive Diffusion Source for High Quality Emitters and Simplified Processing
B. Terheiden, University of Konstanz
04:30 pm  
Boron Emitter Formation by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation in n-Type PERT Silicon Solar Cells
J. Lerat, CEA-INES
04:45 pm  
21.0%-efficient Screen-printed N-pert Back-junction Silicon Solar Cell with Plasma-deposited Diffusion Source
N. Wehmeier, ISFH
05:00 pm  
Double Printing nPERT Cells with Narrow Contact Layers
J. Lossen, ISC Konstanz e.V.
05:15 pm  
Extending the Limits of Screen-Printed Metallization of Phosphorus- and Boron-Doped Surfaces
S. Werner, Fraunhofer ISE
05:30 pm Closing Session