Two days nPV program

The 2 days program is available here.

INDUSTRY DAY, 6.4.2017

Introduction Industry Day nPV
08:30 08:40 Summary n-type cells and modules SiliconPV Arthur Weeber ECN/TU Delft
Si Material Sebastian Dubois/Jan Schmidt
08:40 09:00 Mitigating the effect of defects and impurities in n-type Si material Paula Bronsveld ECN
09:00 09:20 High quality and low-cost n-type wafers with CrystalMax technology  Lotfi Bounaas ECM Greentech
09:30 10:00 coffee break
Future aspects / vision Christophe Ballif/Ingrid Romijn
10:00 10:25 Towards the industrialisation of perovskite-silicon tandem cells Daniel Kirk, Stewart Hooper, et al Oxford PV
10:25 10:50 n-type in ITRPV Axel Metz ITRPV / halm
10:50 11:15 n-type cells and modules with passivating contacts: high efficiency, low cost approaches and beyond Christophe Ballif EPFL/CSEM PV Center
11:15 12:00 Panel discussion Christophe Ballif EPFL/CSEM
12:00 13:00 Lunch
Cells and Modules Matthieu Despeisse/Jan Lossen
13:00 13:20 Heterojunction solar cells (title to be confirmed) Benjamin Strahm Meyer Burger
13:20 13:40  
On the development of silicon heterojunction bifacial technology up to the industrial level at CEA-INES: Our vision towards 24% efficient solar cells and powerful modules
13:40 14:00 Cross Contamination marathon test in Octopus II- PECVD reactor and latest HJT cells results O. Shojaei INDEOtec
14:00 14:20 Industrial LPCVD phosphorus doped poly silicon rear passivated contact solar cells Ronald Naber, Martijn Lenes, Jan-Marc Luchies Tempress
14:20 14:40 High-efficiency n-type solar cells on multicrystalline silicon Jan Benick ISE
14:40 15:10 Coffee break
Cells / Modules and Systems Joachim John/Martin Hermle
15:10 15:30 IBC cell process for mass-production based on PANDA cell technology Ziquan Wang Yingli
15:30 15:50

Multi busbar interconnection and atmospheric pressure CVD technology for n-type

Christian Buchner Schmid
15:50 16:10 Double vs single sided illumination test methods for performance characterization of n-type bifacial PV modules  Pepijn Veling Eternal Sun
16:10 16:30 Bifaciality: still an argument for n-type? Radovan Kopecek ISC Konstanz
16:30 16:45 Closing Arthur Weeber ECN/TU Delft