Dear PV-friend,

As we have seen the last year in Konstanz, we are dealing with a new generation of PV technologies that become more and more competitive in the market. It is amazing to see how LCOE has been constantly lowered for PV systems, and costs are now competitive with other carbon based or nuclear energy sources. I am extremely happy to see that new actors are emerging worldwide and especially in Europe who was the first continent to believe in PV.

Moreover, from the COP21 meeting, we conclude that a major concern about the Earth health is taken into account in all policies by all governments, commitment in investment in R&D on renewable energies is now mandatory for all countries. Thus, it is time for PV to demonstrate that it is a clean and cost effective Energy source for everyone!

Some words about nPV: some of the advanced PV technologies are based on n-type Silicon and we believe that n-type cells have a high potential of industrialization in the near future. I would like to invite you to our 6th nPV workshop in Chambéry, where you will have the possibility to update yourself on how institutes and companies have made progress in the development of n-type technologies. Together we will discuss what will be important to tackle in the future to make these technologies even more cost effective. You will have also enough time to connect with potential partners. This event will be followed by a round table between EU silicon project coordinators, industry and EU agents, which you can join free of charge.

I am looking forward to see you in Chambery to enjoy this scientific and industrial PV week,