If you come sooner or stay longer

Being one of the most popular medieval cities in Germany, Konstanz has much to offer. Here are some insider tips how to spend time in and around the city.

Restaurants and Bars

-          Hotel Barbarossa (a mix of regional and Mediterrean dishes in an medieval hotel in the centre of the old town)

-          Hafenhalle (the loveliest beer garden in the town)

-          Brauhaus (a taste of south germany beer and food)

-          “il boccone” (a very nice modern Italian restaurant and bar)

-          Klimperkasten (hip location for having a drink and meet each other)


-          Münster incl. the ascent of the tower. The highest place in the medieval town assures the best view over Konstanz and Swiss Alps

-          “Imperia” Harbour Statue.The statue by artist Peter Lenk refers to a courtesan, who is holding two grotesque figures, one with an imperial crown and the other with papal tiara, the insignia of worldly and religious power.

-          “Niederburg” the medieval quarter of Konstanz with the oldest houses of the town

Relax and enjoy:

-          take a walk along the lake of Constance, the largest lake in Germany

-          spending some sunny hours on the deck of a ship while driving across the lake of Constance (you can find different passenger ships or small excursion boats in the harbour of Konstanz, right at the Imperia statue)

-          excursion to the flower isle of Mainau

For more information: www.constance-lake-constance.com/