Dear colleagues and PV-friends, welcome to the n-PV workshop in Hangzhou!

In coordination with the Silicon PV conference and the bi-facial PV workshop, the n-PV workshop will take place for the first time outside of Europe, in Hangzhou, one of the most famous cultural and historical cities in China. The n-PV workshop will feature state of the art scientific presentations, technology overviews, high-level industrial talks, as well as animated debates.

In the future, module efficiency increase will be a key to further lower down the cost of electricity or to better use surfaces available on buildings, where efficiency can give a strong price boost. Solar cells based on n-type wafers holds world-record efficiency and make for the most efficient modules on the market.  Several gigawatts of n-type PERT, n-type cells with full rear passivated contacts, IBC cells and heterojunction structures are on the market, or entering the market. But considering the improvements to p-type PERC solar cells, which occupies close to 90% of the market, with amazing improvements to the material quality, LID and LETID control, what role will play n-type technologies in the futures ? This workshop will treat some of the hottest topic, including giving tentative answer to some of the following questions:

Will there be a convergence in the material quality for n-type and p-type wafers when high performance materials are required (for cells >24%) ? Are their remaining intrinsic limitation to p-type materials for mass production and are n-type materials and solar cells really more stable than p-type ? Should the price gap between p-type and n-type material shrink in the future ? Which processing sequences will allow modules to reach the highest efficiency and will it be for mainstream markets or for selected applications ?

If you want to find answers to these questions and to many more, then you have found the right place and event ! n-PV workshop in Hangzhou, 1st and 2nd of April 2020 !


Looking forward to meeting you


Prof. Deren Yan, Chairman                                    Prof. Christophe Ballif, co-Chair

Zhejiang University, China                                      EPFL&CSEM, Switzerland